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We hire talents of every kind, and believe that the magic of success is often achieved by contrasting and complementary teams. At Norselab, we are dedicated to design winning teams for the startups we co-found, combining different personalities and skill sets. If you join one of the companies we co-found, you will also team with the people at Norselab for the first critical months to make sure you have all the resources needed to make the company succeed. If you wish to learn more about our people, have a look here.

If you choose to work at one of our startups, you will join a team with financial and operational muscles. Unlike most startups, the companies we co-found also offer both a competitive salary and ownership opportunities.

Be sure to connect with us at talent@norselab.com if you share our dedication and drive to build something meaningful.

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The perfect fit?

We are always keen on meeting talents, whether it’s for ourselves, one of our startups, or the more established companies in the Norselab family. If you share our vision and have the drive to make a difference, you might just be what we are looking for! To learn more about what we stand for and what drives us, we suggest you have a peek at our Manifesto.