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Working with Norselab

Employees in Norselab


Joining a startup in the Norselab ecosystem means working in an informal environment with flat structures, where merit trumps politics. We believe in mixing people with different backgrounds and skills to build great companies. Building a culture of collaboration, open knowledge-sharing, mutual respect and constructive disagreements contributes to creating robust teams rigged for success! Read our People Philosophy to learn more.

Employees in Norselab


At Norselab, we are dedicated to build winning teams for the startups we co-found, combining different personalities and skillsets. If you join one of our startups, you will also team up with the people at Norselab for the first critical months to make sure you have top notch support across all business areas. Depending on your experience, we will connect you with Norselab team members that completes the picture. Learn more about our people here.

Employees in Norselab

Our unfair advantage

Most startups struggle through a rough period where both talent and funding is scarce. If you choose to work at one of our startups - or wish to co-found with us - you will join a team with both the operational and financial muscles needed to succeed. Unlike most startups, the companies we co-found also offer competitive salaries and ownership opportunities for early-stage employees. You will also have a desk at our modern and comfortable offices at Skøyen in Oslo, facilitating constant contact with the Norselab founders' team.