We are not here to mitigate problems; we are here to spark systemic change.

Norselab is a leading European impact investment house. We are dedicated to proving that impact is the future of investing across asset classes. Our investment strategies are aimed at backing companies that have the potential to create large-scale impact in global industries.

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Now is the time!

Meaningful capital has the power to ignite change where our world needs it the most. We only have a few years to fight climate change, restore biodiversity, clean up our environment and create a world of equal chances. We need resolute action now.

At Norselab, we build and reshape the companies our future needs to scale impact. We aim to create our times’ game changers and tomorrow’s winners.

That's why our funds target various industries we must rethink to create a meaningful future for all.

Our investment strategies

Growth Strategies

Our growth strategy aims to scale a concentrated portfolio of impact companies into global challengers.

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Credit Strategies

Our credit strategy combines yield performance with exceptional value opportunities.

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