We build meaningful* technology companies

* « Meaningful (ˈmiːnɪŋfʊl,ˈmiːnɪŋf(ə)l/), adj., serious, important, or worthwhile »

Team Norselab on roof

Welcome to Norselab, a powerhouse for meaningful tech ideas

Norselab is Norway’s leading co-founder for meaningful technology startups. Since 2000, we have grown to become a powerhouse for disruptive tech ideas, creating several companies with clear purpose and real-life impact.

We thrive because we have our very own playbook. We create companies differently. We build from the ground up by leveraging our proven co-founding model, where our experienced team work hands on together with co-founders to build fierce business models that are rigged for fast growth.

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Our core:


At Norselab, we choose meaningful over hype. To us, meaningful tech ideas are the ones that have the potential of helping our industries move towards the highest standards of compliance, transparency and effectiveness – and become greener on the way, too. Crafting the companies that bring meaningful ideas to life is our very purpose, and all the startups in the Norselab family offer tangible progress towards actual industry challenges. This is also one of the reasons why the companies we co-found have stronger prospects of sustainable success than just any other tech hype.

Our playground:


We believe in technology as our times’ biggest opportunity to build new business. Our pursuit is to meet real-life market needs by bringing avant-gardist technology into traditional industries. This enables us to radically improve efficiency, transparency and compliance within conventional business areas – and sometimes to disrupt entire industries.

Our working principle:


Simplicity defines everything that we do. We create business models and internal structures that are lean. The technologies we build are infinitely efficient and user- friendly. Our entrepreneurial experience also makes company building more straightforward; we have a proven playbook that makes it easier for our startups to turn into robust companies.


Norselab works with top notch investors who share our passion for building the technology companies that stick. By solving real-life industry challenges, our companies create lasting value.

Arendals Fossekompani ASA is a diversified power and investment group listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Group has a number of subsidiaries with a total of 2,100 employees. Arendals Fossekompani owns and operates three hydro power stations in the Arendal area, in addition to holding a substantial portfolio of both industrial and financial investments. Revenues in 2017 was approx. NOK 4.4bn.

TD Veen was established by Tor Dagfinn Veen in 1986. TD Veen invests with sustainable social development in mind, and targets value creation over time. TD Veen invests in companies and solutions that are good for both owners and society at large. The foundation of TD Veen is job satisfaction, creativity and a strong determination to invest in the very best people.