Who we are

Norselab is a leading European impact investment house based in Norway. Backed by US-based impact investor Capricorn Investment Group, we are dedicated to proving that impact is the future of investing across asset classes.

Across our funds, we invest in meaningful companies that drive large-scale positive impact and industry transformation.

We currently manage three funds in growth equity and credit.

Meet the team

Norselab Erik Syvertsen

Erik Syvertsen, CFA

Chief Executive Officer, Partner
Norselab Yngve Tvedt

Yngve Tvedt

Chief Investment Officer, Partner
Maria 2

Maria de Perlinghi

Chief Impact & Communications Officer, Partner
Tonje 1

Tonje Slorafoss

Group CFO, Head of Compliance
Aksel 1

Aksel Lund Svindal

Investment Partner, Growth Equity
JG 1

Jean-Guillaume Marquaire

Investment Partner, Growth Equity
Alexander 1

Alexander Nøstvik

Investment Partner, Growth Equity
Ann Kristin 3

Ann-Kristin Pfründer

Investment Partner, Growth Equity
Tom 2

Tom Hestnes

Managing Director, Credit
Ole Einar 3

Ole Einar Stokstad

Senior Portfolio Manager, Credit
Line 1

Line Tollefsen

Head of Credit Operations
Shatthik 2

Shatthik Barua

Head of Risk, Credit
Maja 3

Maja Granli Jensen

Marketing and Communiations Manager
Oda Standal

Oda Standal

Impact Analyst
Kenza 2

Kenza Akallal

Sustainability Specialist
Ines 1

Inès van Tol

Impact Analyst
Natalie Daw Head of Investor Relations Norselab

Natalie Daw

Head of Investor Relations
Norselab Matilda Risan

Matilda Risan

Investor Relations
Sophie 5

Sophie Grindstad

Chief Operating Officer, Partner
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Our people philosophy

People are the centerpiece of any business. People innovate. People. build. People are the beating heart of success.

Disregard people, and you will have nothing. Enchant your people, and anything becomes possible.

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Our values

Our values serve as a behavioral compass. They infuse our thinking and direct our decisions.

Here is an introduction to the values we stand by at Norselab.

Explore our values
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Are you looking to invest with us, for meaningful capital to fund your company, or anything else - don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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