Our Impact Philosophy: Meaningfulness

Norselab has a proprietary impact philosophy: “Meaningfulness”. The philosophy is core to all of our strategies and funds.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our North Star for impact. The SDGs define what our world needs to create a sustainable future. To us, they define what we should consider as positive impact. All our investments must contribute to at least one SDG target.

Our Meaningfulness Policy provides transparency, predictability, and accountability for all sustainable investment practices across our funds.

Our Meaningfulness Policy

Pillars of Meaningfulness

The pillars of Meaningfulness govern all our investment strategies and funds.

Norselab's 2022 Meaningfulness Report

HERO Meaningfulness

Norselab's 2022 Meaningfulness Report

Explore the impact performance of the Norselab group, our funds and portfolio companies in 2022 and learn more about our ambitions.

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Meaningfulness Memo

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Meaningfulness Memo

The assessments we perform in the investment process are documented in a Meaningfulness Memo. The memo generally references 30 – 40 sources to support the assessments. It also details the quantifiable impact metrics to track and the potential gaps we want to remediate.

The Meaningfulness Memo helps increase awareness of an impact thesis rooted in science and provides common ground and focus for managing the investment.

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Norselab's 2021 Meaningfulness Report

2021 Meaningfulness Report 05x

Explore Norselab's 2021 Meaningfulness Report

Explore the impact performance of Norselab's funds and portfolio companies in 2021, and learn more about our continuous work towards fine-tuning our approach to impact.

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The companies we back

Meaningful companies in action

Discover in this video how our growth portfolio companies generate large scale impact with their products.

Meet Ava Ocean who is reinventing sustainable seabed harvesting, Antec who is building our renewable future and Carrot who is creating a world of circular materials.

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Norselab's 2020 Meaningfulness Report

Learn about our impact philosophy and how we make sure the companies we invest in contribute positively to the world. Get highlights from our 2020 Meaningfulness Report and access the full report.

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