People are the centerpiece of any business. People innovate. People build. People are the beating heart of success.

Disregard people, and you will have nothing.

Enchant your people, and anything becomes possible.

At Norselab, we live and breathe disruption. It may sound fancy, but the harsh reality is that we are in the business of growing challengers; novel companies who take up the battle against formidable competitors. But our companies have one, unfair advantage: they are forward-leaning, flexible, and free to design company cultures that are fit to outpace anybody.

Here is our approach to high-powered company cultures. This is our People Philosophy

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#1 Resolute Openness

Tune in with openness. Loosen up and relax. When you embrace openness, magic starts happening.

When we encourage open mindsets, free flow of knowledge, and divergent thinking, we create a culture for problem solving. If you’ve settled for a company culture where work is a competitive race and politics run wild, it’s time to shed your skin and reset your thinking.

Openness is the opposite of politics. It’s also the antipode of obsolescence. Here, you should feel free to share your ideas, try new things - and even fail, as long as you fail thoughtfully. In an environment where people feel safe, we learn from our setbacks and turn them into growth opportunities.

Think differently and your company will be like no other. Cultivate openness and chances are you will fulfill your boldest ambitions.

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#2 Embracing Diversity

Where does success come from? It certainly does not spring from committees, processes or cool technology. Original ideas spring from people. People that are willing to explore untraveled paths. Those who dare to brave the unfamiliar.

When we build teams, we don’t only look for people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We also strive to connect diverse personalities, skill sets and ways of thinking.

We believe that teams of dissimilar people are more successful because they learn to embrace new perspectives, and fresh thinking. In a workplace where open minds, trustful relationships, and mutual respect rule, teams learn to cultivate differences and healthy confrontation.

Diversity is not a buzzword. Diversity is a hard-core necessity to build the best companies.
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#3 Purposeful Focus

Where are you headed? What is your true north? If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know which path to pursue?

We all need a sense of meaningfulness in our lives. We need purpose to thrive. This is no different in the workplace. Having a clear vision of what we seek to achieve may turn out to be a superpower. Purpose will set priorities straight, channel novelty, and inspire people to excel. Not only is it good for people’s well-being, it’s supercharging business!

Our ecosystem is built on meaningfulness. When employees can connect their daily efforts with a higher purpose - something bigger than themselves - work is rewarding.

Purpose offers the opportunity to build enchantment and foster high spirits. Take it!
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#4 Attitude is king

We all hire for skills. We all hunt down the smartest, brightest people out there. But we believe there is more to it. Something else entirely sets outstanding employees apart; The ability to “get things done”. Never giving up. Always aiming for excellence. Abandoning pride to let the best solution win.

People’s attitudes make all the difference, across all functions, departments and levels of responsibility. With the right attitude, you can learn anything and bounce back from any failure. You can collaborate with anyone and work your way around any challenge. People with the right attitudes don’t care about titles or job descriptions; they care about doing what it takes.

That’s why we like to ask: Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? How do you handle setbacks? And how do you feel about sudden changes?

We believe in the humble and flexible doers. We believe in grit. That’s not mere intelligence, that’s attitude.

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#5 Merits, not Politics

Politics at work can be devastating both for business and people. Spending time trying to tie alliances, hunting for bits and pieces of information, positioning at the detriment of colleagues. All the while leaving you way too little time for your actual work. It’s exhausting. All that lost energy! And what is it good for? Nothing.

We can achieve so much more (and have so much more fun!) when we chase politics from the workplace and make time and space for real work. Avoiding politics is important in any company, but vital to challengers. We support each other. Help each other deliver the very best ideas and solutions. We cannot afford to waste time on such nonsense as politics, we just need to get shizzle done.

We champion anti-politics and value merits. What counts is hard work and a strong team spirit. That is what we reward at Norselab.