Agriculture is a major contributor to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and freshwater consumption. At the same time, with the growing population, there is a need for a significant increase in food production to eradicate hunger. However, this increase in food production should not be achieved by expanding agricultural land, which would further exacerbate the environmental crisis. Instead, the focus should be on increasing yield to meet the demand for more food without causing further harm to the environment.

Rift Labs was founded in 2010 and has spent the past decade revolutionizing lighting for the photo and video industry. With their patented LED software and intelligent lighting control applications, Rift Labs introduced a new brand called "Photosynthetic" in 2022, which specializes in developing lighting and sensor-based solutions for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

Their LED technology is patented and uses mathematical models to provide precise and consistent lighting across different intensities, temperatures, and wavelengths. This technology optimizes plant growth by providing the exact light amounts required for each growth stage, resulting in reduced energy expenses and increased yields. The farming software they offer integrates with other hardware systems and provides data-driven insights through intuitive visualization and algorithms. The software enables experimentation, automated adjustments, and predictive actions based on AI analysis. They store the collected data and undergo AI processing supported by an in-house team of scientists, leading to continuous improvement in indoor plant production.