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Norselab invests in Inseanergy - aims to replace fossil energy generation with floating solar

Inseanergy specializes in turnkey solutions for floating solar cell systems. Norselab invests alongside industrial investor Umoe in the USD 3 million funding round.

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Photo: Inseanergy

Complete and scalable solutions

The world's energy systems require a drastic transformation to reduce emissions and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Most remote regions of the world, such as island states, lack infrastructure for renewables. Fossil fuels, especially diesel generators, are their primary source of energy. Inseanergy offers complete and scalable solutions that enable rapid solar energy production capacity deployment in areas with no renewable alternatives.

While large-scale renewable energy installations such as offshore wind projects receive much attention at the government level and in the media, they are complex and often involve significant interference with natural ecosystems. It is crucial to scale innovative energy solutions that can replace fossil fuels faster than these projects allow. Inseanergy has the ambition to offer solutions to island states in emerging markets, where access to renewable energy is vital for the transition to a net zero future.

In a recent funding round, Norselab invests in Inseanergy alongside Umoe, one of Norway's largest privately owned investment companies with an extensive track record in building industrial companies and strong expertise in renewable energy.

— We have followed Inseanergy since its inception. The company has a solid team and has dedicated the past year to maturing the product and business model. We believe the timing is perfect for international scaling. There is massive interest growth in the market for distributed, renewable energy production, comments Yngve Tvedt, Chief Investment Officer at Norselab.

Inseanergy has established a strong foothold in aquaculture by providing floating solar energy solutions for farming facilities. The company emphasizes the significant role of clients Hofseth, Ode, and Bjørøya, who have been among the early adopters of Inseanergy’s solutions to electrify fish farms. The market for such solutions in salmon and trout farming alone is estimated at a billion dollars. The broader global market for floating solar energy, which the company is now targeting together with investors Norselab and Umoe, is so massive that it's difficult to estimate its size.

— We are delighted that leading Norwegian investors in impact and renewable energy are demonstrating their belief in our business. The new owners have significant expertise in international scaling and value creation alongside a broad network that gives our company global reach, says Inseanergy CEO Kari-Elin Korsnes Hildre.

The investment in Inseanergy marks the fifth investment in Meaningful Equity II.

About Inseanergy

Inseanergy currently delivers green energy to the aquaculture sector with the aid of floating solar panels installed on recycled fish cages. In cooperation with customers and expertise networks, Inseanergy will be developing and delivering zero-emission systems over the next three years which make fish farms self-sufficient in energy. Together with the aquaculture industry, we are taking a green leadership in both shifting to a circular economy and restricting greenhouse gas emissions.

About Norselab

Norselab is a leading Nordic impact investment platform based in Oslo, Norway. With an uncompromising focus on creating a meaningful future for all, we invest in net-positive companies that accelerate the urgently needed change in global industries. Norselab currently manages four funds in growth equity and credit. They are all governed by our industry-leading impact frameworks and classified as SFDR Article 9 while being designed for long-term superior capital returns. Norselab is backed by Capricorn Investment Group, one of the largest mission-aligned investment firms in the world. Norselab is a Certified B Corp™. Learn more at

About Umoe

Umoe is a family-owned, industrial investment company founded by Jens Ulltveit-Moe in 1984. The company has a long-term perspective and exercises active ownership in its investments. Sustainability is fundamental to Umoe’s strategy and operations, and approximately 85% of the company’s managed assets are invested in sustainable businesses.