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Norselab invests in circularity and sustainable food systems

Norselab announces two new investments in Meaningful Equity II, strengthening its focus on sustainable food systems and circularity.

- We must continue investing to address the urgent change our world needs, even during difficult times. says Yngve Tvedt, Chief Investment Officer at Norselab.

Norselab April23 141 min
Norselab CIO, Yngve Tvedt. Photo: Tom Haga

Investing in circular packaging and growth optimization for indoor agriculture

Looping is a company that provides circular transport packaging solutions to help reduce waste. The company specializes in designing packaging for building materials and containers, where the use of single-use plastics is a common problem. So far, Looping has successfully eliminated 100 tonnes of single-use plastic from the construction industry and partnered with large customers such as Ramirent and Cramo Group. Looping offers a reuse-as-a-service model, making circular packaging sustainable, cost-effective, and safe.

- Looping has established framework agreements with all the major equipment and rental companies in the Nordic construction industry and is in an excellent position to expand into international markets. We believe that there is a significant opportunity for Looping to expand into other industries with extensive use of disposable plastics, making it an attractive investment both commercially and in terms of its impact potential, says CIO at Norselab,

- As we venture out into Europe, we see Norselab as an owner with significant knowledge of circularity, business expertise, and international recognition. We have great faith in the value they can provide beyond the capital, says Jens Brustad, founder and CEO of Looping.

Strømstangen, a privately owned investment company focused on long-term value creation, has been on the ownership side of Looping for several years already. Going forward, Strømstangen and Norselab will work side-by-side with the company and other owners to build the company further.

- We are thrilled to have Norselab as a significant owner in Looping, with its impressive history and expertise in impact investments. We are excited to work together towards Looping's ambitious goals of waste reduction and reuse, comments Are Juklestad Berg, Managing Director of Strømstangen.

With companies like Farmable, Ava Ocean, and Plateful in their portfolio, Norselab is committed to improving sustainable food systems. They further underscore this commitment with their investment in Rift Labs, a company that supplies advanced LED technology and sensor-based production systems for indoor agriculture:

Indoor agriculture involves the production of plants in controlled environments, so-called “Controlled Environmental Agriculture”. The production method enables year-round production of plants and makes it possible to grow various edible plants in a more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner. The agriculture industry is expected to play a crucial role in meeting the increasing global demand for food without expanding the land area. The industry is also looking to reduce the use of pesticides to achieve sustainable food production. Additionally, indoor agriculture has substantial commercial potential and reduces energy consumption.

- We need to change how we produce food radically, and we are convinced that Rift Labs can take a leading position in agriculture in controlled environments in the years to come, says Tvedt.

Norselab joins forces with Karbon Invest on the ownership side. Karbon Invest has also recently invested in Meaningful Equity II. Through active ownership, the two owners will maximize the value creation and sustainability potential of Rift Labs.

- Norselab is an experienced and competent investor representing a significant ecosystem for growth companies. We look forward to developing Rift Labs further with Norselab as partners on the ownership side, says Christian Breddam, Managing Director of Karbon Invest.