teams up with Norse Digital to build the next big productivity tool


Norselab’s tech-savvy right arm Norse Digital has an impressive track record in building technology for startups. Their expertise undoubtedly attracts ambitious customers.

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Entrepreneur Rolf Larsen has chosen Norse Digital to help build what he predicts will become as indispensable as your smartphone, namely will provide a productive and secure space for web applications, making online workflow easier and more accessible.

Scalable technology focusing on user-needs

Norse Digital has built technology for companies like Ivaldi, VesselAdmin and Documaster, all of whom have become all-digital-pioneers in their respective industries. What characterizes technology developed by Norse is that it is always rooted in well-documented user needs and is scalable.

According to CEO, Lasse Bjørseth, creating innovative solutions like is exactly the kind of challenge they live and breathe for at Norse Digital. Although a highly complex project, he ensures that through a methodical and user-centred approach they will be able to deliver distinct value for both the end-users of the service and the company behind it.

The next digital tool

Both businesses and individuals are doing more of their daily activities online. Several players are contributing to better workflow through digital tools, yet no one has found a good way to organize web applications, even if they are replacing native apps to a great extent.

Through creating a unified space for web apps, will improve online workflow and increase productivity by allowing users to organize, find, share and access web apps in a whole new way.

Say goodbye to messy and confusing bookmark rows in your browser! The goal is to create a digital productivity tool for use on all types of devices, with the potential to measure up to players like Skype and Slack. is set to launch late June 2020.

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