What computer science can teach us about decision-making in business

According to neuroscientists, we make about 35 000 small and big decisions every day*. In business, we collectively make decisions that are sometimes widely important – but how do we know whether those decisions are as good as they should be? To improve our decision-making, we could draw parallels with the branches of science that deal with optimization challenges.

How to shorten the time from startup to sweet spot

Building a company from scratch is generally a rough patch. As an investor, choosing which startups to bet on can be equally challenging. In fact, taking the best from both worlds might be the best way to build successful companies. Here is why I think co-founding is a superior model for shortening the time from startup to sweet spot.

Why traditional management will kill your startup

Why do we all keep adopting traditional management methods? They were originally designed to de-skill and routinize work - the extreme opposite of what the knowledge workers of our era need.

A serial entrepreneur’s take on how to build change-making companies from scratch

Let’s be clear: I’d rather build companies than write stuff for the internet. I’m not much into doing interviews or presentations, either. My whole life has been about starting new ventures. What I really love is digging into the actual work of curating first-rate ideas and creating robust and scalable companies together with sharp and determined people. That’s why I became a founder in the first place.

Still, I'm happy to welcome you to The Meaningful Tech Blog. Keep scrolling and I'll tell you why.