Setting the standards for convenient, transparent and responsible practices in the ocean industry

The ocean industries face an important transformation. The global need for resources is increasing, and our ocean represent enormous opportunities. But if sea-based industries are to grow sustainably, we need to limit our negative operational footprint.

Getting an overview of the footprint of the service vessel industry is usually a demanding exercise. Fleet availability, prices and utilization is information that is difficult to obtain, and access to this information often depends on manual research and relational bonds. With fragmented marked information, it is difficult enough to acquire a vessel in time, let alone prioritize a green or greener vessel.

Vanora is the premier, global platform for responsible ocean procurement. Their mission is to provide the ocean industry with procurement services that set the standards for convenient, transparent and responsible practices. Vanora makes it easy for charterers to see the entire vessel market in true colors, and enable decisions to be made based on information about sustainability footprints as well as technical specifications. This way, charteres can make economical and sustainable choices, and vessel owners can showcase their green initiatives.