Uncover the value of employee feedback

To become more successful, businesses need to make smart, informed decisions about their people. Improvements can only be made if leaders are aware of what their people actually do and how they are feeling.

Qlearsite has developed an agile web based analytics platform that gives organizations in-depth insight into their company culture. Qlearsite’s lean and scalable technology is based on world-leading language analysis, turning written responses from any number of employees into useful and measurable data.

The platform lets you identify key themes and sentiment in your employee feedback, allowing you to take action where it's needed most. It also works with existing systems so that all data sources in the organization are utilized.

Equipped with Qlearsite’s tools, leaders get crucial insights to support them in planning and executing their workforce strategy. Organizations using the tools have experienced financial and cultural benefits due to improved engagement, reduced absence and better talent targeting.

In 2020, Qlearsite opened a dedicated Nordics office to serve their customers in the region.

Companies having uncovered the value of employee feedback includes Virgin Media, Ortiga Group, Documaster and Deloitte.