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Norselab welcomes Oda Standal as a Sustainability Analyst

Oda Standal joins Norselab’s impact team, where she will be instrumental in assuring the integrity of our impact approach across all funds.

To stay on top of evolving sustainability regulations like the SFDR and Taxonomy, there is a growing need for robust sustainability expertise. These regulations have direct implications for both Norselab and our portfolio companies. Oda will help our portfolio companies to follow technical screening criteria and meet the Taxonomy regulation's "minimum safeguards".

Oda joins Norselab
Oda Standal joins Norselab.

Before joining Norselab, Standal worked at the family-owned sustainable investment office Klaveness Marine as a Sustainability Coordinator. In this position, She contributed to the company's first sustainability report and conducted in-depth ESG analyses for all new investments. She was also a Climate Advisor to the city of Oslo, where she contributed to projects to achieve zero-emission construction sites and reduce emissions from the city's buildings. Holding a Master's Degree in Science and Technology from NTNU, Oda has extensive knowledge of the environmental impact of global industries.

- I believe that impact investing is a powerful tool for driving change, and I’m excited to support and assist in the selection of impact companies that are creating our sustainable future, Standal shares.

The impact team works across all initiatives, from product development and framework design to implementation and running operations of the impact integration into all of Norselab’s funds.

- Norselab strives to be best in class in our industry on the integration of impact into the investment process. Oda will play a key role in ensuring a rigorous and in-depth impact assessment of all potential investments and support our portfolio on their sustainability journey, shares Chief Impact Officer Maria de Perlinghi.

Standal joined Norselab in September.