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Norselab backs Wanda to introduce circular logistics in urban Europe

Wanda’s circular logistics platform helps people take better care of their things and increase their utilization. Addressing circularity and resource efficiency, particularly in urban areas, hits the mark with the impact mandate of Norselab’s second impact fund, Meaningful Equity II. Together with real estate investor Fredensborg, Norselab was part of Wanda’s recent 60 million NOK growth round.

Photo: Liisa Eelsoo // Wanda

Introducing circular logistics

Our world is facing huge challenges when it comes to resource use and waste generation. Today, products are often thrown away because people don't have the space to store them, or lack the time or skills to care for them. This results in resource depletion and excessive waste creation. In this context, Wanda steps in to help companies and people in urban areas to take care of their belongings with maintenance, repair, sharing and selling services. The platform distinguishes itself by providing integrated logistics, storage, and value-added services, allowing customers to transport and store goods in underutilized space while also letting them repair, share, and re-sell their belongings.

"At Wanda, we provide our consumers with a sustainable choice to take good care of their belongings and enjoy them to the fullest. Our services are intended to extend the lifespan of a product and minimize waste streams”, says Lars Syse Christiansen, Founder and CEO at Wanda.

Investing for impact

Norselab’s second impact fund, Meaningful Equity II, launched in March 2022, invests in fast-growing, meaningful companies. With a clear ambition to offer integrated services that lead to longer item lifespan and increased resource efficiency and circularity, Wanda is a good fit with the fund’s mandate to create net positive impact.

The company dramatically cuts logistical costs for its clients and keeps its footprint small by using existing facilities, an electric fleet and locally created and 100 percent recyclable packaging. Their novel business model enables more circular consumption patterns and lowers waste generation.

"Wanda is a fresh, circular breath in the logistics sector that gives people and companies the opportunity to take better care of their things and thus contribute to greater resource efficiency. With a solid product and an excellent user experience, their services have the potential to become a necessity in urban areas around the world, where sustainability and space utilization is becoming increasingly important ", says Ann-Kristin Pfründer, Investment Partner at Norselab.

Growth potential

Wanda is now active in Norway and Sweden. In Norway, the company is present in Oslo and Stavanger, with intentions to expand to additional Norwegian cities in the second half of 2022. Wanda launched its Swedish operations in Stockholm at the end of last year.

According to Norselab, Wanda has the full potential to share its services in other densely populated European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Paris to enable responsible consumption.

About Wanda

Wanda is a leading circular logistics growth company. By providing people and companies with ultra-convenient logistics and storage around maintenance, repair, sharing, and selling, Wanda helps extend the lifespan of products, and supports the circular and sharing economies. Established in 2020 in Oslo Norway, Wanda is now active in several Norwegian cities and Stockholm and is soon expanding to other European urban areas.

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