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Norselab is all about entrepreneurial expertise. We work hands-on together with our co-founders to build companies with solid growth perspectives. When we co-found, we do whatever it takes to make the company succeed; our entrepreneurial know-how makes the path from startup to successful company faster and less costly.

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Are you our next co-founder?

We like to build industrial tech companies, most often with service-based digital business models. Although there is an exception to every rule, we generally co-found based on the following three models.


People who pinpoint unsolved problems

You probably have extreme knowledge of a specific subject, or long experience from a particular business area, and you are spot on with your description of a malfunctioning or inefficient process. Let’s meet to discuss the problem and your take on it. Our entrepreneurs and technologists know how to turn your problem into a crisp business opportunity.

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People with meaningful ideas

You believe you have a great idea for solving a real-life industry problem through technology? Come blow us away with your idea and experience, and we’ll work together to set up a lean, effective and scalable business model. At the right time, we will mobilize our network to set up a dream team, and help get the right funding, too.



We are always open to hear about how your talent might benefit our startups. Do you share our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for meaningful technology ? Have a look at our Talents page


Anders Johnsen | Documaster

Anders Johnsen, CEO of Documaster, shares his experience in building a technology company with Norselab.

Working with us

Geir Gotteberg | VesselAdmin

VesselAdmin CEO Geir Gotteberg on why he chose to co-found his company with Norselab.

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Curious to join?

At Norselab, we are constantly curious. Even if you don’t fit with any of these descriptions, don’t wait to drop us a line at if you wish to build something meaningful.