Send files - not parts. Helping heavy industry shift to digital distribution.

In the maritime industry, it's both expensive and time-consuming to obtain spare parts when something breaks. Every ship has its own complex manual with an overview of all systems, subsystems and spare parts.

The process of obtaining spare parts can be quite cumbersome, as parts are often located in a completely different part of the world. This can lead to delays, putting ships out of service for indefinite periods of time.

Oftentimes, the challenges of replacing spare parts means that instead of simply replacing the specific part that is damaged, whole systems are replaced. Such operations are taking its toll on both financial and environmental resources, which is where Ivaldi's solution comes into play.

By establishing micro factories that can produce a 3D copy of the required spare part and deliver it immediately, risks associated with cost of logistics, delays and availability is eliminated. Large inventories become excess and capital is freed up. The idea is simple: send files, not spare parts.

The solution helps heavy industry shift to digital distribution, providing companies all over the world with a better understanding of their supply chain. Digital distribution and on-demand production of parts makes physical distribution limitations such as carry costs, late shipments and environmental contamination irrelevant.

Digital warehousing enables fast printing of spare parts locally, resulting in faster, easier, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly procurement of parts - benefitting manufacturers and end-users alike.

A person holding a plastic plug - a spare part used in the maritime industry
Printing of spare parts locally results in faster, easier, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly procurement of parts.