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Three new investment partners join Norselab

Norselab strengthens its investment team with experienced growth and scaling professionals Heidi Kopperud, Jean-Guillaume Marquaire, and Alexander Farooq.

Norselab Investment Partners: Heidi Jean Guillaume Ann Kristin Alexander
Meaningful Equity II Investment Partners. From left to right: Heidi Kopperud, Jean-Guillaume Marquaire, Ann-Kristin Pfründer, Alexander Farooq.

Meaningful Equity II, Norselab's second impact fund in the venture space, was launched earlier this year. The fund invests in meaningful, fast-growing companies and has already announced its first investment into circular logistics company Wanda. Too Good To Go alumni Ann Kristin Pfründer was the first new investment partner to join Norselab. Now new investment partners Heidi Kopperud, Jean-Guillaume Marquaire, and Alexander Farooq are joining the team. Together, they will identify investment opportunities and work to actively accelerate the fund's portfolio companies' growth and impact potential. They will also contribute to cases across funds within their respective areas of expertise.

- With their proven track record of value creation, Heidi, Jean-Guillaume, and Alexander bring valuable expertise to our second growth fund. Together with Ann-Kristin, they will be crucial in growing and scaling the top impact cases for Meaningful Equity II. Their strong entrepreneurial backgrounds will be essential to building the best-performing impact portfolio in the market, says Yngve Tvedt, Chief Investment Officer at Norselab.

Bringing valuable expertise

The three new investment partners bring valuable expertise through their solid track records for value creation:

Heidi Kopperud brings with her valuable knowledge and experience from startups, scaleups, and SMEs. She is the co-founder and former Head of Marketing at Videonor, the company today known as Whereby. Heidi has also held various positions with commercial responsibilities at Atea and Visolit, where she served as the Nordic Director of Marketing, Communication, and Service Development.

Jean-Guillaume Marquaire is a seasoned business operator and venture investor within the Food & Beverage space, where he has also held different management positions for multinationals and scaleups. Marquaire's sectoral knowledge will be valuable as Norselab aims to discover investment cases related to producing safe and nutritious food for a growing global population while taking better care of available resources.

Alexander Farooq is an investor and strategist who has played a central role in growing and mentoring several early-stage tech companies through the investment lifecycle. With experience in private equity, M&A, strategy, and operations, working for companies Kistefos, KPMG, and PA Consulting Group, Alexander will play a vital role in helping the meaningful companies of the Norselab portfolio grow.