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Norselab’s portfolio companies prove resilient during COVID-19

All-digital, cloud-based companies enjoy a clear advantage right now, which results from two of Norselab's portfolio companies clearly demonstrates.

To the left: Renate Straume speaking to an audience. To the top right: Some of the people working at Norse. Bottom right: Person holding a MacBook with stickers.
Left: Renate Straume, Founder of Varig, Right: the team at Norse Digital

A report published by LocalGlobe & Latitude on behalf of a number of investment companies in the UK shows that startups across Europe have had to endure great strains due to covid-19. Data analyst Dealroom reports a decline in venture capital investment and valuations in Europe in March. At Norselab, we work hard to support our portfolio companies through a challenging and different time, and are thrilled seeing them proving resilient and strong during these challenging times.

All-digital, cloud-based companies enjoy a clear advantage right now, which results from two of our portfolio companies clearly demonstrates.

Norse Digital finishes a strong Q1

Norse Digital, our tech savvy right arm, is rounding up Q1 with the company’s strongest results since 2016. They have landed some major deals during the period and are experiencing an increased interest in their expertise in developing digital products and services.

-We have always believed that companies and organizations need to establish a digital DNA to be viable, which this crisis really puts at the forefront. It is exciting seeing more people agree with this line of thinking, and it proves the value of excellent digital experiences, says Lasse Bjørseth, CEO.

Varig signs deal with Norwegian industry leader in sustainability

Our one-year-old prop-tech company Varig just signed a deal with Entra ASA for two buildings. Varig is currently working on a solution to support building owners, tenants and users of buildings in gaining insights into the environmental footprint of buildings and defining improvement areas. Through their data-driven software, everyone will know how they can contribute to more sustainable use of our buildings. Further, Varig is keeping up the pace during the pandemic and are continuing to build their software ready for launch in june.

At Norselab we work hands-on with our co-founders to rig companies for accelerated growth and have a distinctive playbook for building companies. During this period, the value of our model is really proving its worth.