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Norselab’s 2022 Meaningfulness Report is out

In a world that is craving for positive change, Norselab has been at the forefront of proving that impact is the future of investing. We are pleased to present our Meaningfulness Report for 2022, which showcases our commitment to driving real change through investments in meaningful companies across asset classes.

Our 2022 Impact Journey

"We aim to be part of a new breed of investment managers: those built for impact and who - free of legacy - can create avant-garde financial products to serve investors and our future", shares Erik Syvertsen, Chief Executive Officer at Norselab.

As such, we took a leap forward in 2022 expanding our impact investing platform. We launched our second growth equity fund Meaningful Equity II. We also brought impact to the credit space, by launching the first Article 9 credit fund in the Nordics dedicated to impact: Meaningful Impact High Yield. Alongside these milestones, we also unveiled a novel fund that brings innovative financing solutions for growth companies; Meaningful Structured Equity.

Impact Highlights of the Norselab Group

Our latest Meaningfulness Report accounts for the impacts we created in 2022. We are presenting below the aggregated results for the Norselab Group, but we encourage you to explore the report for our impact performance at fund level:

  • We made 38 investments across a diverse range of industries, supporting companies with the potential to spark large-scale change in global industries.

  • Our portfolio is proudly 100% aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the North Star of our impact approach.

  • We directly contribute to 12 SDGs at the goal-level, manifesting our dedication to drive change across a broad range of sustainability challenges.

  • By fulfilling 33 SDG targets, we are actively investing for impact in critical areas for a sustainable future.

  • Across three funds, we achieved a +73% net impact towards the SDGs. This means that the positive contributions of our portfolio companies substantially outweighed the negative.

Our team’s hard work and dedication to impact have contributed to these achievements. Working closely together to not only identify the best impact cases, but also actively managing them by building impact capabilities throughout the Norselab group and our portfolio. We must involve and engage everyone in our ecosystem to create a meaningful future for all.

Our future ambitions

We remain committed to driving systemic change and strive to be pioneering in our work. We see that the appetite for novel financial products with impact at their core is steadily increasing. We will continue our work to launch new impact funds to the market in the upcoming year.

We are confident that our Meaningfulness Report for 2022 will inspire others in the impact space to join us in creating a better world through meaningful investments.

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