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Paving the way for Meaningful growth: Norselab’s brand refreshed.

It all started with a venture studio back in 2015. We specialized in co-founding meaningful industrial tech companies together with several top class founders. As we were quite successful in building companies that addressed major industry challenges, and as the Norwegian startup scene was maturing fast, we saw the opportunity to step up our game. We set out to build the investor we always wanted when we were founders ourselves.

Yngve 4
Yngve Tvedt, founder and Chief Investment Officer at Norselab. Photo: Tom Haga

Fast forward to 2020, and Norselab had built an internationally regulated fund structure. As of 2022, after welcoming leading US impact investor Capricorn Investment Group as a strategic partner, we have tripled our team and built an organization that will grow Norselab into a leading European impact investment platform.

Our ambitions keep growing, and we grow with them. This also goes for our ambitions to be best-in class on impact. The challenges we face today require resolute action, bold ambitions and serious commitment if we are to create a meaningful future for all. We must rethink how we value our natural wealth, and we must act now to change the course of our future.

With this as a backdrop, it was a given that we needed to refresh the Norselab brand and positioning. We needed a brand that could help convey our ambitions, our commitment to impact, and foundational identity.

We imagined a brand inspired by every element that makes up our home planet. Oceans and streams, forests and fields, the tiniest seeds, the frail new life that springs from it and that grow into all the things we need to preserve the prosperity of humankind. A brand that symbolizes growth and positive change, reflecting what Norselab is all about: investing in our planet.


We will keep on growing and we have a powerful advantage in doing so: Meaningfulness. Meaningfulness is our impact lens. It’s how we make sure we do right by our future. It’s our take on how to create the most positive change, as fast as possible. Meaningfulness is at the core of all of our initiatives and guides our daily operations and decision-making.

Our new brand identity is also a reflection of our ambition to prove that impact is the future of investments across all asset classes. To get there, we back net-positive companies with capital and competence to spark radical change in the world’s most resource-intensive industries. As a purpose-built organization, we are free to imagine any kind of traditional or novel product to achieve our ambition, and to advance towards a meaningful future for all.

Earlier this year, we launched our second impact fund in the venture space, Meaningful Equity II. Like Meaningful Equity I, this fund will invest in meaningful, fast-growing companies, mainly in the Nordics, with an enhanced focus on impact.

We recently announced two new initiatives that we expect to go live early 2023. The first one is a Structured Equity fund, which will allow impact-driven growth companies to access low-dilution capital to extend their runway, and investors to explore venture with a lower risk profile than regular venture funds. The second initiative is a first-of-its-kind series of impact-focused credit funds. This is our first strategic move outside of venture, and just a flavour of what an impact driven future holds. We’re building a stellar team coming out of traditional investing, but wanting to dedicate to investing in our planet, just like us. We’re excited to reveal more details about this initiative this autumn.

A team with grit

Over the last months, we have built an incredibly strong and diverse team to make our ambitions a reality. A team that is always up for a challenge, always ready to think fresh, and that goes the extra mile to overcome any hurdle along the way. All deeply driven by the desire to leave a meaningful mark on our world.

Every day, I am energized by my team. I'm humbled with how quickly we developed our impact approach, built our governance rig, improved the quality of our investment process, and attracted world-class talent. Let alone all the fast growing meaningful companies reaching out to us because they trust us to help them make an impact both financially and for the planet. That makes me tremendously optimistic about the future.

If you’re inspired by what we do, and would like to collaborate with us in any way to spark more, positive change, feel free to reach out. Together, we’ll ride the impact wave!