Welcoming Equality Check to the Norselab family


Norselab is the largest investor when Equality Check closes its placement round, raising a total of 5,2 MNOK. The company offers an honest way to look at companies, allowing employees to leave anonymous reviews about equal opportunities in the workplace.

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Norselab works hands-on together with co-founders to build companies from the ground-up, making this case a little different. But the company, which aims at catalyzing equal opportunities through transparency and accountability, goes straight to the heart of the values Norselab works for:

- We build meaningful technology companies in line with the vision; "Thriving business, happy people, healthy planet". Our "People Philosophy" is central to how we build companies, and its main pillars are "embracing diversity" and "merits, not politics". Building companies based on these principles is not only ethically and morally correct, but also a superior business strategy, says Ivar Kroghrud, senior partner and minister of culture at Norselab.

- Equality Check highlights how well businesses really perform at this, and acts as a catalyst to create rapid, positive change. We also think that the team is solid and that the business plan is excellent, he continues.

Equality Check has engaged more than 15 CEOs of Norway’s largest companies to prioritize the issue, and has also raised funds from Innovation Norway to find solutions on how to improve gender equality in workplaces.

The company provides a data-driven and evidence-based approach to support organisations in improving their diversity and gender balance. Norselab is excited to be part of this journey towards creating better workplaces for everyone through transparency and accountability.