The Norselab Manifesto

Our mission is to build meaningful technology companies. Leveraging prime ideas and remarkable talents, we create and accelerate companies with the potential to have net positive impact on people & planet. The Norselab Manifesto gives an introduction to the key principles we apply when we build companies.

This is what we are made of.

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Technology is sending a series of shock waves throughout our societies; it changes how we use energy, transport things, access food and water... It is also changing how we connect with other people and collaborate at work.

At Norselab, we believe that innovation is a cornerstone to further prosperity of our planet, and that technology is our single most powerful means to positively impact the societies in our times.

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Industry disruption

Many traditional industries are ripe for disruption; not only to become more sustainable, but also to survive in in increasingly complex and competitive world. This opens up for unprecedented business opportunities for startups that are able to combine great ideas and concepts with entrepreneurial know-how, strategic flair, proper funding and operational excellence across business-critical areas. This is the Norselab territory.

Together with our co-founders, we challenge the established and deploy new technologies and business models into existing industries, enabling better services at a lower cost and with a positive impact for people and planet.

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We believe in building meaningful companies. To us, meaningfulness is about some of the core values of our societies – such as transparency and compliance – but also efficiency and profitability. We think that “sustainability” – or a “green profile” – is a benefit that comes from smart and meaningful use of technology.

We believe that you can have it both ways if you combine sustainability with commercial values to create innovative and healthy business models. Companies in the Norselab family demonstrate that cutting edge technology brings the bonus of a greener footprint.

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We are not a conventional investment company. Together with people who have brilliant ideas, we work to develop the best business model and strategy. Together, we execute a plan that both lowers risks and shortens time to successful scaling and radically increased valuation. Together, we bring them up to become robust and fully independent companies. This is why we call it the Norselab family.

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At Norselab, people come first. We believe that innovative mindsets and entrepreneurial spirits are the fundamentals of success, and that merit always trumps politics.

We encourage our people to speak their minds, to learn from mistakes and to stay curious, always! We are a diverse but complementary team; these principles bring us together and creates the Norselab enchantment that empowers our startups to succeed.

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Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? When we co-found and invest in startups, we always strive to do more with less by keeping our business models lean, our solutions straightforward, and our internal structures efficient.

At Norselab, we wish to make company building simpler altogether. Simplicity is key to everything we build, and we constantly improve our playbook to make the road to success easier for our startups.

*Keep it simple, stupid