Meet the Norselab Family

We believe that togetherness is the key to success. At Norselab, operational teams fully integrate the startups we co-found in order to provide world-class competence in every critical business area. Working side-by-side, we embrace our togetherness to achieve our goals. Let us introduce some of the companies that we have built together with co-founders.

Norselab in numbers
Norse Digital

Digital Product Studio

Norse Digital is Norselab's tech savvy right arm. They work side-by-side Norselab to design great user experiences and build prototypes. Norse helps deploy products to market rapidly, and iterates based on real user feedback, not assumptions.


The cloud compliance company

Documaster offers best-of-breed records management. No records left behind. Through plug-ins, Documaster auto-capture all critical business records no matter where they are created or stored.

Disruptive technologies

Sensing the real world everywhere to deliver insights anywhere

Disruptive Technologies’ complete wireless sensor solution can sense virtually anything; including touch, proximity and temperature. Its secure cloud solution stores, manages and transforms sensor data into powerful insights.


Hitting the slopes has never been easier

By hooking up their keycard and payment card to their Skioo account, skiers get direct access to a large network of resorts. They can skip the ticket lines and head straight to the slopes, no matter how jam-packed the resorts are.


Send files, not parts

Working with leading partners across maritime, offshore and the construction industries, the Ivaldi PRaaS Solution (Parts Replacement as a Service) reduces inventory, warehousing needs, delivery times and cost of logistics by allowing organizations to send files, not parts.


Deeper, actionable employee insights

You need to know the issues affecting performance across your organisation. Qlearsite pinpoints them using diverse sources of your data, then drill down to find what your teams on
the ground need, want and feel.

Concilio Labs

Understand your guests like never before

Concilio provides hoteliers with actionable insights to create personalized guest experiences. Strengthen guest relationships and add value by anticipating their needs and expectations before they arrive on property. Search for and group together those who deserve special attention.


Digital Chartering

VesselAdmin is the next-generation digital procurement solution for easy and compliant chartering of supply vessels.


Empowering farmers worldwide

Farmable is a technology company that helps fruit and vegetable farmers make the most of natural, human and material resources. By using Farmable, farmers will access precise data about their farm operations, enabling better decisions and strategies. This will make it possible to grow more produce at an improved quality, while using less resources and reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture.