Accelerating the green shift in ocean mobility

The shipping industry is painfully aware of the environmental challenges we are currently facing. Despite a growing number of initiatives, we are still not seeing the change we need.

Polluting vessels still make up a large part of the available fleet, and current systems and processes in chartering fail to make available choices that are good for the environment.

VesselAdmin is on a mission to change this. Their fully integrated, digital chartering solution enables friction-free and automated connections between charterers and vessel owners. VesselAdmin transforms the chartering process and elevates the industry standard on compliance and sustainability.

VesselAdmin provides a transparent, compliant and fair chartering process, enabling charterers to make choices based on comparable and objective vessel data. By making sustainability a key criterion for vessels, charterers are enabled to make decisions that match their sustainability policies.

Their solution is the first of its kind, and today, the majority of players in the North Sea are active on the platform.