We invest in our planet

To us, the most meaningful way of contributing to a sustainable future is by investing in companies whose core offering drives a positive change. When we invest, we invest in our planet, backing net positive companies with capital and competence to ignite radical change in global industries.

Our Meaningfulness Policy

What are meaningful companies?

Meaningful companies are companies that contribute positively to the world. We define it through the following denominators:

Product-driven impact

We aspire to create net positive impacts for people and the planet through the companies’ revenue-generating products and services.

Net positive companies

We account for both positive and negative effects of companies’ core products, investing in companies whose impacts are net positive.

Igniting change where it’s urgently needed

We believe in transforming traditional industries to drive large-scale impact.

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Industry: Circular Logistics
CEO: Lars Syse Christiansen
Founded: 2020


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Ava Ocean

Industry: Ocean
CEO: Øystein Tvedt
Founded: 2016
HQ: Ålesund
Impact classification: Impact-generating

Ava Ocean

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Industry: Renewables
CEO: Eirik Gundersen
Founded: 2011
HQ: Oslo
Impact classification: Impact-generating


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How we measure meaningfulness

There is no single approach to measuring sustainability. We consider impact along three dimensions to ensure integrity in our approach.

SDG Alignment

Companies must align with at least one of the goals in this globally recognized roadmap for sustainability.

Net Impact Quantification

We quantify both positive and negative impacts of products, offering a complete and nuanced picture of a company’s impact.

EU Regulatory Assessments

The SFDR and the Taxonomy Regulation reshape economic activities in the EU. We screen and assess companies based on these regulations.

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Explore our 2021 Meaningfulness Report

Learn about our impact philosophy and how we make sure the companies we invest in contribute positively to the world. Get highlights from our 2021 Meaningfulness Report and access the full report.

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