Meaningful Structured Equity I is an impact-focused fund to deliver on the untapped growth potential of low dilution funding in the Nordics. The fund will offer a founder-friendly financing alternative that gives impact companies access to growth capital without giving up control. Founders will benefit from low dilution, no cash burn, and a lower cost of capital compared to equity.

Product: Structured equity fund
Launch: 2023

Impact approach

The Structured Equity fund will follow Norselab’s impact philosophy as outlined in the Meaningfulness Policy and adhere to our three Meaningfulness pillars:

  1. Product-driven impact: We focus on the impacts of the company’s revenue-generating products and services.
  2. Net-positive impact: We account for both the negative and the positive effects of companies to identify those with net positive impact.
  3. Impact where it’s urgent: We strive to invest in industries in great need of transformation.

Sustainability-related disclosures

Structured Equity Norselab by luke van zyl

Fund focus

Investments in the Structured Equity fund will combine preferred shares and warrants.

A typical investment case for the fund is companies with a strong product-market fit, proven impact potential and solid VC-backing. Potential tickets range from USD 3-10 million.

Investors can anticipate superior payout due to the advantages that the preference shares bring. Additionally, the proven business model provides fundamental downside protection.

Fund facts

  • Name: Meaningful Structured Equity I
  • Investment stage: Series A to C
  • Target and size of the fund: USD 50M
  • Portfolio size: Aim 10-15 companies
  • Typical investment:
    • Ticket size: USD 3-10m
    • Pre-money valuation: USD 50m+
    • Typical term: 3 years

Structured Equity Team

Christian 1

Christian Holm Nilsen

Investment Partner, Structured Equity
Nicklas 1

Nicklas Holm

Investment Partner, Structured Equity

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