Got what it takes?

Now hiring CEOs, CPOs, CMOs, CCOs, CFOs for meaningful scaleups heading into rapid international scaling. All companies have a solid impact profile alongside ambitious growth plans, requiring highly motivated, purpose-driven people to take on leading positions.

We are looking for the fiercest talents to lead meaningful companies targeting a large array of industries such as circularity, urban tech, energy, agtech, and more. All Norselab portfolio companies have a proven potential for fast, international growth, and have sustainability embedded at the core of their products and services. They are well-funded and are backed by competent capital. Discover our portfolio by clicking the button below, but do note that as our portfolio is rapidly growing, not all companies are listed.

Who are we looking for?

We are searching for a variety of profiles; from aspiring CXOs to industry heavyweights with long experience. We encourage you to reach out if you feel motivated and enthusiastic about the opportunity of taking on a leading position in one of our companies. Companies range from software companies to complex, industrial companies.

We also encourage people with untraditional backgrounds to apply! However, we believe that you should identify with the following criteria to succeed in a CXO role:

  • You have 5-20 years of experience from leading positions within Communications, Marketing, Tech, Product, Finance, Operations, Sustainability, Commercial.
  • You have a solid track record of creating results.
  • You are a team player who combines strategic thinking with a strong “doer” mentality.
  • You are purpose-driven, enthusiastic, and resilient.
  • You are confident in your decision-making yet humble enough to seek advice to create the best possible results.
  • Experience from startups, scaleups, or organizations with similar processes and working environments is an advantage but not a must.

Key responsibilities as a CXO in one of our portfolio companies

  • Be in charge of developing solid structures, working methods, and building teams within your organization.
  • Own and lead your discipline with the objective to fuel growth.
  • Create a sound working environment, ensuring that the company is an inclusive, professional, and meaningful place to work.
  • Build the company’s overall strategy.
  • ...and much more!

What does it mean to join a Norselab portfolio company?

As a CXO in one of our portfolio companies, you get the chance to enter the companies at an early stage and be an essential resource in shaping the company's future success. You will come on board early and be a driving force for the company’s growth. To back you, Norselab offers its experienced team and network of advisors, including some of Norway’s most renowned founders and investors.

As a part of the larger Norselab ecosystem, there are also great possibilities for mutual knowledge-sharing thanks to the interaction with other companies in the portfolio.

Attractive option programs or similar incentive schemes for all positions, in addition to market aligned salaries.

Embark on your next career adventure

Feel free to express interest in specific companies or industries you feel passionate about and any other specifics. New companies enter our portfolios at a high pace, and there will be plenty of opportunities now and in the future.

If we find your profile interesting, we will start with an open discussion about relevant opportunities, where you could best contribute, and what would motivate you most.

If you have any questions or wish to have an informal talk about these opportunities, reach out to Partner, Impact & Communications, Maria de Perlinghi at, +47 922 21 959, or in a DM on LinkedIn