Calling fierce CMOs-to-be for epic opportunities in the Norselab ecosystem

Norselab is Norway’s leading venture fund for meaningful technology companies. We have invested in a series of companies with a solid impact profile and ambitious growth- and expansion plans, requiring highly motivated, enthusiastic and driven Chief Marketing and/or Communications Officers.

We have 6+ CMO positions coming up for companies across urban tech, health tech, circularity, energy and food, and are looking for fierce marketing and communication profiles to lead the companies’ brand building and growth efforts as they scale internationally.

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Several of the companies are in the process of rebranding, and will have highly attractive brand strategies, messaging and visual profiles for new CMOs to work with. There are also positions coming up in outstanding growth companies that are not yet listed as part of our portfolio.

All companies in the Norselab portfolio are solid, well-funded technology companies in various stages of the growth phase. Sustainability is at the core of the business models and product offerings of every single one of our companies, as this is a prerequisite for a Norselab investment.

Are you the one we're looking for?

We look for a variety of profiles, and encourage all motivated candidates to reach out. We love untraditional CVs! However, some basic requirements are needed to succeed in these positions, see details below.

  • You have minimum 5 years’ experience from marketing and/or communications roles with proven results.
  • You combine solid strategic thinking and a strong “doer” and team player mentality.
  • As you have experience from a wide variety of activities and integrated campaign thinking, you are able to consider the entire marketing and communications toolbox when designing strategies.
  • You are an advocate of branding; you understand the power of brands, what it takes to build a great one, and how it may fuel long-term growth.
  • Your are driven, enthusiastic and resilient. You are confident in your role, but humble enough to understand that there is always more to learn
  • You have superior working capacity and the ability to motivate others
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills in English

In addition, it’s a big plus for most of the CMO roles if you have…

  • Knowledge of inbound marketing techniques and tools
  • Experience from scaling a fast-growing SaaS company and expanding internationally.
  • A combination of marketing and communications experience and -skills
  • Experience with building teams from scratch

Key responsibilities as a CMO in one of our portfolio companies

  • Be the owner and guardian of the company's brand and positioning, and ensure consistent use of the brand across all touchpoints and functions.
  • Develop highly effective marketing and communications strategies to drive brand growth and sales.
  • Plan, execute and report on all marketing activities.
  • Manage the company's website and social media.
  • Be a key strategic resource for the company's CEO across all brand-, marketing- and communications issues.
  • Ensure a tight-knit collaboration with sales and product.
  • ...and much more!

What it means to join a Norselab portfolio company

You will get the chance to enter one of the companies at an early stage, and contribute to shaping the future of one of Norway’s next international success stories. You will build your own team, and design aggressive marketing strategies to fuel the company’s growth and expansion. In doing this, you may access resources in Norselab’s experienced growth team and advisory network, to get encouragement and support when the going gets tough.

You will be part of the larger Norselab family, with excellent learning possibilities thanks to interaction with other companies in the portfolio. We also have an extensive advisor network made up of some of Norway’s most renowned founders and investors that actively contribute into our companies.

Attractive option programs or similar incentive schemes for all positions.

Additional information

When you apply, feel free to express interest for specific companies and/or industries you feel more passionately about, alongside any other specifics. As new companies enter our portfolios at a high pace, there will be plenty of opportunities beyond the companies we are currently recruiting CMOs for.

If we believe you have an interesting profile for one or several of our companies, we will start by having an open discussion about relevant opportunities, where you could best contribute, and what would motivate you most.

If you have any questions, or wish to have an informal chat about these opportunities, reach out to Maria de Perlinghi at, +47 92 22 19 59, or in a DM on LinkedIn.

Applications closing on October 31st 2021.

We reserve the right to interview candidates continuously.

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