Are you ready to embark on a meaningful journey?

Are you driven by the belief that business can be a key driver to a more sustainable world? Do you have experience with sustainability strategy, measuring and reporting?

Calling fierce sustainability talents to join our Marketing, Communications and Sustainability unit!

Norselab is Norway’s powerhouse for meaningful investments. We back investment teams targeting industrial technology startups and scaleups with the ambition to create net positive impact for people and the planet. We are in business to accelerate the winners of tomorrow!

We are ramping up activity in the Nordics and beyond, and our venture capital ecosystem is rapidly growing.

We now seek an outstanding Sustainability Specialist to take our impact approach to the next level! !

Who is our dream candidate?

  • You are an enthusiastic and driven individual with a great amount of grit.
  • Purpose is what motivates you, alongside great team efforts. You are always ready to lend a hand to a colleague.
  • You are both a solid strategic thinker and a highly effective, operational “doer”.
  • You have excellent communication- and collaboration skills, the ability to create buy-in on sustainability, and to make sustainability understandable, actionable and engaging.
  • You enjoy working on several projects at the same time, and you excel at prioritizing. You constantly review your to-do list to make sure that you always work on the most pressing issues.
  • As a structured and independent individual, you enjoy managing your own work streams, but know when to seek guidance.
  • You combine speed and attention to details.
  • You are ambitious in your work and constantly look for potential improvements in your approach to sustainability.
  • You are resourceful and forward-leaning. You work around obstacles easy as pie, always coming up with alternative ways of reaching your goals.
  • You have a demonstrated willingness to learn and grow.
  • You identify with our People Philosophy.

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Key responsibilities

  • Enhance Sustainability Strategies in the Norselab ecosystem by focusing on companies' overall business strategies.
  • Contribute to shaping Norselab’s Sustainability Policy, frameworks, and measuring- and reporting schemes in accordance with current regulations and industry standards.
  • Be the advocate of a data-driven and research-based approach to sustainability in everything we do, and coordinate efforts with all relevant functions in the company, ranging from finance to business development and communications.
  • Lead sustainability projects with multiple stakeholders.
  • Keep the team up to date on regulations, trends and market developments within the sustainability field.
  • Contribute to communication initiatives where sustainability expertise is required.
  • Plan, organize and execute Norselab's sustainability reporting commitments. Norselab is a signatory of the PRI, and will be subject to Taxonomy reporting as of 2022. You may access Norselab's first Meaningfulness report here.
  • Proactively work to establish and improve internal work processes and tools within the sustainability field.

Your experience and skills

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience from a similar position, preferably in an organization where you have acquired expertise within multiple industries.
  • Proven track record from designing and implementing sustainability strategies, as well as reporting.
  • Thorough knowledge of the SDGs. In addition, you have basic knowledge of the PRI, ESG and other relevant frameworks.
  • Current network within the sustainability field.
  • Exceptional writing, editing and presentation skills both in English and Norwegian.
  • Master’s degree within a relevant field.

On the job - what you have achieved after 6 months at Norselab

You know all of our closest colleagues well, and enjoy collaborating with them. You have developed a solid understanding of the distinctiveness of our investment strategy and approach to sustainability, both on company level and portfolio level.

Thanks to improvements you suggested, Norselab is one step closer to achieving an industry leading position in terms of sustainable investments.

You have basic insight into most companies in our ecosystem and are actively monitoring their respective approaches to sustainability, and whether they correspond to announced commitments.

You have been a key contributor to designing Norselab’s sustainability strategy, including relevant frameworks and tools, and have started implementation.

Norselab’s sustainability reporting has been carefully prepared, documented and executed. We are ready to share our achievements - alongside our challenges and goals for next year - with the outside world.

As the sustainability advocate, you provide valuable expertise in discussions on sustainability, both in Norselab and in portfolio companies.

Working at Norselab

Unlike most other venture ecosystems, Norselab focuses on contributing to value creation. This is why we offer strategic and operational expertise to the funds in our ecosystem, as well the funds’ respective portfolios. We enjoy getting our hands dirty to fuel growth.

Working at Norselab means you will join a tight-knit team dedicated to supporting founding teams across all business-critical areas.

Our Investment Services unit serves the ecosystem with core investment management activities, such as analysis, commercial due diligence, investor relations and fundraising. In addition, we perform strategic business development services.

Our Marketing, Communications and Sustainability unit supports the ecosystem with activities such as brand strategy and positioning processes, sustainability strategies and -reporting, investor relations, concept development, marketing strategies and -plans, PR and reputation management. This unit is also responsible for the activation of Norselab’s own strategies within these fields. Employees also get the opportunity to work closely with a specific startup on operational projects.

What we offer

We are offering an exciting opportunity to get a broad understanding of a modern venture ecosystem, and hands-on experience supporting funds and portfolio companies in achieving ambitious growth plans. In particular, you will have a key role in driving sustainability through the core business of portfolio companies.

You will work with a number of different expertise areas - within and outside our team. All roles offer highly attractive career opportunities across the ecosystem for the right candidates.

Additional information

This role reports to the Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer.

Occasional travel to be expected.

Closing applications on 31.08.2021.
We reserve the right to review candidates continuously.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Maria de Perlinghi: / +47 92 22 19 59

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