Do you want to shape the future of impact investing?

Calling fierce, purpose-driven sustainability talents to Norselab's impact team!

Norselab is a leading Nordic impact investor based out of Oslo, Norway. With an uncompromising focus on creating a meaningful future for all, Norselab invests in companies that drive net positive impact in global industries in great need of transformation.

We are ramping up activity in the Nordics and beyond, expanding across asset classes and investment phases. We currently have two live venture funds, and are launching a Credit fund in December 2022, as well as a Structured Equity fund during the first half of 2023.

Our impact team currently consists of three people with deep competence spanning a wide range of sustainability issues. Impact is core to all of Norselab’s funds, and the impact team works across all initiatives, from product development and framework design to the implementation and running operations of the impact integration into all our funds.The team is deeply committed to integrity in all aspects of our impact work, and our primary mission is to ensure that all our funds, through their investments, truly contribute to driving positive change in the world.

We are currently looking for two candidates to strengthen our impact team further.

If you have skills or experiences within at least 2-3 of these competence areas, we want to hear from you!

  • Impact/sustainability data
  • Qualitative research on sustainability topics
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability-related frameworks such as SDGs, PRI, Impact Management Project, Impact Weighted Accounts, Paris alignment.
  • Sustainability-related regulations such as SFDR, EU Taxonomy, CSRD, CSDDD
  • Environmental and social sustainability upstream and downstream in value chains
  • Impact investing, ESG investing, “sustainable investing”
  • Sustainability strategy development and execution

You’re a terrific fit with our team if…

  • You are an enthusiastic and driven individual with a great amount of grit.
  • Purpose is what motivates you, alongside team efforts and achievements. You are always ready to lend a hand to a colleague.
  • You are both a strong strategic thinker and a highly effective, operational “doer”.
  • You enjoy working on several projects at the same time, and you excel at prioritizing. You constantly review your to-do list to make sure that you work on the most pressing issues.
  • You hold yourself to high standards, combining speed and great attention to detail.
  • You enjoy managing your own work streams, but know when to seek guidance.
  • You have excellent communication and collaboration skills, the ability to create buy-in on sustainability, and to make sustainability understandable, actionable and engaging.
  • You are resourceful and forward-leaning. You work around obstacles, always coming up with alternative ways of reaching your goals.
  • You have a demonstrated willingness to learn and grow.
  • You identify with our People Philosophy.
  • Recognize yourself in this description?

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Across the two positions, responsibilities may include:

  • Preparing impact assessments of potential investments: research, map, document, and communicate companies’ impacts according to Norselab’s methodology.
  • Data management, including due diligence on data provider methodologies and data quality, collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, calculations, and scoring.
  • Coordinating portfolio-level data collection and reporting relating to Norselab’s overall sustainability reporting.
  • Building and implementing sustainability-related processes or strategies in our portfolio companies.
  • Developing and streamlining Norselab’s support offering to portfolio companies within the sustainability field.
  • Contributing to training our broader team on our approach and methodologies, and keeping them up to date on regulations, trends, and market developments affecting Norselab and companies in our portfolios.
  • Contributing to the shaping of Norselab’s Sustainability Policy, strategies, frameworks, and measuring and reporting schemes in accordance with current regulations and industry standards.
  • Advocating a data-driven and research-based approach to sustainability.
  • Coordinating sustainability projects with multiple stakeholders.
  • Contributing to communication initiatives where sustainability expertise is required.
  • Planning, organizing, and fulfilling sustainability reporting commitments.
  • In-house expert role on a specific sustainability topic.
  • Contributing to improving internal work processes and tools within the sustainability field.

Your experience and skills

  • 0-5 years relevant experience, with demonstrated interest and understanding of sustainability.
  • Experience from a similar position is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • We are also open to considering academically qualified candidates with no previous experience.
  • Exceptional writing, editing, and presentation skills in English.
    Master’s degree in any relevant field.

On the job - what you have achieved after 6 months at Norselab

You know all of our closest colleagues well and collaborate efficiently with them. You have developed a solid understanding of the distinctiveness of our investment strategy and approach to impact, both on the overarching level and portfolio company level, and can explain it crisply to others.

You have a good grasp of our central methodologies, and a solid understanding of the level of precision and speed required for your work. You are comfortable working independently on some projects.

You’re a key contributor to the impact assessments we carry out in the investment process of our various funds, and to the research we perform on sustainability across the board.

You have been instrumental in the completion of our various reporting initiatives, including our annual Meaningfulness Report.

As the sustainability advocate, you provide valuable expertise in discussions on sustainability.

What we offer

We are offering the opportunity to join an ambitious investment firm that puts impact at the core of all its activities, across asset classes and investment phases, and take part in its fast-forward growth journey. In particular, you will contribute to building a state-of-the-art approach to impact investing.

You will be part of a cognitively diverse, passionate, open-minded and extremely flexible team where everyone holds themselves up to the highest standards in terms of integrity, quality and speed. You will work with a number of different expertise areas - within and outside our team. All roles offer highly attractive career opportunities across the ecosystem for the right candidates.

Benefits include performance-based bonus, insurance package, work-from-home flexibility, home office internet, phone subscription, and lunch arrangements.

Spacious and comfortable offices in the heart of Oslo.

How to apply

Should you have any questions about the role, reach out to Maria de Perlinghi, Partner & Chief Impact & Communications Officer: // + 47 922 21 959

Please submit your CV and cover letter through our application form, linked below.

We reserve the right to review candidates continuously.

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