Dear Future Investment Partner,

If you’re reading this, we take it that you have a soft spot for entrepreneurs. Probably because you’ve been on that journey yourself, or maybe because you’ve been in the trenches of a fast-growing tech company.

You have felt what it’s like to have skin in the game. You know what risk is, how it affects a team, and you’ve learnt to find a sound balance. That leaves you with a rare flair for good investments that is ready to be put to the test.

It’s possible that you, our future investment partner, do not consider yourself the typical “partner material”. That is because we’re looking for experience beyond investment management. What we value most in our future partner is this: you have profound understanding of entrepreneurs and their growth journey. And you are willing to pay it forward - to let others thrive on the back of your past experiences.

What tickles you about investments is the chance to build a company. Contributing to something greater than yourself. And we like to think that you, like us, believe that a sound company culture - the mojo - is a vital part of a successful growth journey. Also, you know that the single most important thing you can do as an investor is to gain the trust of founding teams and co-investors. To you, team spirit is king; you earn it and you build it so that everyone stays focused on building the best company.

This is the first time we’ve hunted for an investment partner out in the open. But it will for sure not be that last. We seek only the best to join our upcoming funds, and although we have a vast network of solid professionals, we know there are unpolished gems like yourself out there.

2020 was a transformational year for us at Norselab; we went from being a venture studio to launching Norway’s largest first-time venture fund. With Norselab Fund I, we have invested in 16 meaningful technology companies. And the momentum around our investment universe - industry-related technology companies with net positive impact on people and the planet - is remarkable.

So much so that we are launching our second fund one year ahead of plan. This time around, we’re aiming to pass the billion mark, and invest in another 20 companies over the next couple of years.

So these are our final words to you: Now is the time to leap. To kick it up a notch. Take what you’ve learnt on your journey and let it mushroom. Join our quest to build tomorrow’s sustainable industry companies.

Apply here or reach out to me for an informal chat about the opportunity on

Very best,

Yngve Tvedt

Chief Investment Officer at Norselab

P.S. We understand you may be interested in the specifics, so we’ll leave them right here for you to discover.

We believe our future investment partner has the following qualifications:

  • Experience from scaling fast-growing companies - as a founder or as an operational leader.
  • Proven “skin in the game”.
  • Outstanding ability to build trust among founders and co-investors.
  • International experience.
  • Excellent talent for building strong team cultures (“mojo”).
  • Proven contribution to value creation in fast-growing companies.
  • Experience with M&A.


Your overall responsibility will be to manage the fund together with the other members of the investment team, investing in fast-growing, meaningful technology companies and managing the portfolio over the fund’s lifetime.

  • Identify solid investment opportunities within the fund’s investment universe.
  • Active involvement with new investee companies over the first couple of years. Each investment partner takes the lead on 5-6 portfolio companies, and sits on the companies’ Boards of Directors.
  • Involving companies with Norselab advisors.
  • Exit when the time is right.
  • Share & care: contribute with your knowledge and experience into the Norselab family.


  • Remarkable opportunity to contribute to meaningful change in the world.
  • Possibility for ownership through the fund’s partner’s share class, with right to carried interest.
  • Being part of a larger team (our family!) dedicated to the Fund’s success.
  • Salary in line with the market.
  • Attractive offices in the center of Oslo