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Norselab team

The Norselab organization, including its ventures, is over a hundred people strong, with teams scattered across six countries: Norway, Ukraine, US, Bulgaria, UK, and Switzerland.

We are a committed team of results-driven business experts and technologists with a proven track record of building and scaling companies.

Our investment team

Norselab is led by a team with first-hand entrepreneurial experience and an unquenchable drive to challenge the status quo.

Yngve Tvedt

Founder & General Partner

Yngve founded Norselab to create disruptive, fast-growing companies that capitalize on the power of the digital age. A serial entrepreneur, Yngve has founded and co-founded eight companies since the early 2000s. He now manages our Norselab office in Palo Alto, bringing Silicon Valley savoir-faire and financial backing to our companies. Actively involved in supporting each of our companies in reaching their full potential, Yngve focuses on building a mission-driven culture for the Norselab organization and on sustaining our global network of advisors and partners. With years of experience up his sleeve, he is a hands-on mentor who is passionate about challenging our teams to pursue opportunities that are hiding in plain sight.

Aksel L. Svindal

Investor & Board Member

Aksel is both a world champion/olympic gold medalist in alpine skiing and an established entrepreneur. Having spent the biggest part of his life training or competing in the highest levels of professional alpine skiing, Aksel has an exceptional go-getter mindset, which he successfully whirled to kickstart his entrepreneurial career. Now serving as investor and board member at Norselab, Aksel accelerates our organization’s idea sourcing and business development processes. A passionate advocate for value creation through technology and an accomplished investor in his own right, Aksel is actively invested in the Scandinavian startup community.

Christian Lundvang


Christian is a technologist and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He first joined forces with Yngve when they founded in 2002, a leading archive management solution that is now used by hundreds of public organizations in Norway. He has since successfully founded and co-founded several companies within the Norselab portfolio. Christian utilizes his dual expertise in software and business development to keep Norselab at the forefront of technological and operational development. Passionate about process improvement, sales, and consulting, Christian offers our team practical guidance to skyrocket their businesses.

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