Our approach

We are creators of new businesses.

At Norselab, we are passionate about turning ideas that matter into technologies that are ready for take-off.

Our goal is for each of our ventures to ultimately chart their own course and scale as a fully independent company.

Co-founding model

We partner with proven industry experts and work arm-in-arm with them to co-found companies with missions we believe in. We bring expertise and resources and tap into an exclusive pool of partners, when needed.

Incubation model

We spawn, incubate, and fund our business idea in-house before bringing it to the world. We assemble a team with exceptional skills and expertise to make the idea a reality.

Our unfair advantage

A culture of innovation, flexibility, and speed

At Norselab, we work fast and smart. By sharing technology and expertise across our companies, we increase our focus and speed, as well as minimize development complexity.

Although we do not restrict ourselves to a specific industry or type of business, we specialize in:

Business Intelligence

Online Marketplaces

Internet of Things

Our commitment

A laser focus on four core tenets

Solve a problem.

We are inherently curious and we relentlessly search for purposeful ideas that solve real problems. We believe in building meaningful businesses that meet real market needs.


Remain data-centric.

Whether we are ideating a business concept, developing a solution, or experimenting with marketing tactics, we do not base our decisions on assumptions. Instead, we mine our data from rigorous research and real user insights.


Think simple.

Simplicity is at the core of our business. We always strive to do more with less by keeping our business models, solutions, and internal structure as straightforward and efficient as possible.


Scale fast.

By prototyping, testing, and iterating fast, we enable our businesses to rapidly gain early traction in their respective markets. We make substantial productivity gains by tapping into a solid infrastructure of shareable resources.

Our network

We draw strength from our community

We have ingrained ourselves and our ventures into a game-changing community of industry experts, proven entrepreneurs, thinkers, and doers. This enables us to fuel a diverse and dynamic culture, as well as maintain our community-driven ethos.

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